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Milwaukee, WI

The Challenge

  • Maintain the historic design of the building while upgrading the HVAC system to serve the heating and cooling needs of a diverse range of tenants.

  • The unique design of the building limited the space allowed for mechanical equipment.

  • The design needed to be flexible to accommodate the unique architecture of the roof and avoid wasting usable square footage on the ground floor.

The Solution

  • LG was able to provide an architecturally flexible system that was able to fit the limited space available for mechanical equipment.

  • The VRF unit provided the perfect slim design with minimal ductwork required.

  • The flexibility of the VRF system allowed the 80 tons of outdoor units to be placed within the building’s clock tower.

  • VRF increased individual tenant comfort while requiring minimal routine maintenance.

  • The system allowed tenants the freedom to pick their precise level of comfort while maximizing the energy efficiency by balancing the heating and cooling demands across the entire system.

  • The dedicated LG design and field team was involved from project conception with the project design team to completion and beyond

The Results

The VRF system allowed for a flexible design with minimal ductwork to deliver a non-invasive HVAC system. Falamak Nourzad, design principle of Continuum Architects + Planners noted, ”The system had a lot of flexibility that allowed us to really be in inconspicuous areas without jeopardizing the look and feel of some of the high-quality aesthetic spaces.”

For nearly the same cost as a traditional system, The Mackie Building now has a highly reliable, energy-efficient HVAC solution that delivers comfort and conveniences for its tenants.

Vyron Sales Engineer

Tim Barham- Milwaukee, WI


GRAEF Engineering- Milwaukee, WI


Continuum Architects- Milwaukee, WI

Mechanical Contractor 

JM Brennan, Inc.- Milwaukee, WI

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