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Madison, WI

The Challenge

  • Help save energy by reducing cooling costs where no natural shade exists.

  • Create an appealing outdoor gathering area for the resident firefighters and public visitors.

  • Design sunshades that contribute to the overall aesthetic goals of the architect and that are able to tolerate heavy snow loads in the winter.

The Solution

  • Custom architectural sunshades.

  • Freestanding supports strategically located to compliment vertical sightlines.

  • Custom 12” bullnose fascia wrapped around the perimeter to hide fastening hardware.

  • Sunshades installed 25’ above ground level to allow for open windows and overhead doors during peak hours.

  • 6’ extension with special aluminum support tied to the foundation to tolerate heavy snow loads.

  • 25’ x 35’ freestanding sun controlled shades to provide shade over a patio and barbecue area during hot summer months.

The Results

Pedestrians strolling past the sleek new station admire the friendly, sun shaded areas that project outward from the front of the building, and often stop to visit with firefighters under the sun-shaded outdoor patio.

Double rows of trees have been planted alongside the building and when mature will further cool the site and make the building even more inviting.


Plunkett Raysich Architects Madison, WI


Miron Construction Madison, WI

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