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Marathon County, Wisconsin

The Challenge

  • Collaborate with multiple firms to design and manufacture a unique, direct-drive “Utility Duty” sidewall fan.

  • Design the fan to be easily mounted between existing building framework (90” x 90”) and provide convenient, side access to the fan and dampers.

  • Deliver 103 housed fans in phases over six months to match the contractors’ precise scheduling needs.

The Solution

  • Custom-built Direct Drive “Utility Duty” sidewall propeller fan and housing with easy access
    Multiple full-scale prototypes were built within a strict timeline to ensure that the design matched specific requirements.

  • Several on-site visits from the contractor and electrician ensured everything was well understood by all parties, paving the way for an efficient installation process.

  • The final design incorporated a special direct drive utility duty propeller housed in a specially designed 90” x 90” wall housing. The custom blade and pitch propeller met the air, sound, and horsepower requirements. The unique oversized access panels provide a means for servicing and maintaining internal components including Greenheck’s industrial control dampers (Model ICD-45, utilizing a two-actuator drive system

  • Labor saving items such as single point wiring and lifting lugs installed prior to shipping made installation easier and more efficient.

The Results

Jay Swoboda, project superintendent from Tweet-Garot Mechanical Incorporated praised the teamwork of all parties. “Greenheck’s experienced engineers had the knowledge we needed to meet the unique ventilation requirements.” This project became a reality, he said, “because of the superior coordination, prototyping, and on-site visits.”

Vyron Sales Engineer

John Gorzek


Black & Veatch Overland Park, KS


Tweet-Garot Mechanical Green Bay, WI

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